The team behind Südtirol Foto

Südtirol Foto Team Südtirol Foto Team Südtirol Foto Team Südtirol Foto Team Südtirol Foto Team

About us

Südtirol Foto is a regional platform for South Tyrol Photos, on which companies, agencies, web designers and so on can buy license for photos. The photos can be uploaded by anyone, provided they were taken in South Tyrol. Südtirol Foto is based on the idea that there are many talented photographers in South Tyrol, whether professional photographers, hobby photographers or upcoming photographers with a personal point of view of Südtirol that haven't yet been explored. Furthermore there are clients in need of high quality Südtirol pictures. In order to connect these communities and to help them to benefit from each other, we created Südtirol Foto. All in all, South Tyrol's versatility has too much to offer: whether breathtaking panoramas, impressive architecture or unique traditions - in front of the camera, South Tyrol simply cuts a fine figure in every aspect!